About AVOptions

AV Options is dedicated to helping customers in the USA get the maximum musical enjoyment from their Naim Audio equipment. Our founding members: Chris West, David L’Heureux, and Nick Despotopoulos, bring decades of Naim specific experience and AV, Music & Computer industry backgrounds to make it happen. As we head into our 13th year of operation we offer our new AVO cable range for Naim Audio kit and all other audio brands. We also continue to offer our successful lineup of AC products, which work with Naim Audio components and any audio or video system. Our Online Store was updated in December 2023 to offer all of these AVO products, click here to shop.

Our Twisted-56 Deep-Cryo speaker cable has taken off over the past 5 years, and offers a more affordable and ergonomic solution for Naim Audio systems and all other Audio brands. For more info about Naim amps and speaker cables: click here.

Chris West brings his 41 years of continuous Naim work experience as our Service and Cable Production Manager. Steve Kregling (ex NANA) joined us in the Summer of 2023 to help with cable production, and is a welcome addition to the AVO team! AV Options can bring your Naim gear back to factory optimum performance, and that magic that got you into Naim in the first place. Check out the rest of our website and contact us to get your Naim kit rebuilt and restored. Click here to read customer testimonials about our Naim restorations and AVO Cable-AC products.