About Z-Foil Resistors

AV Options uses Texas Components TX2575 Z-Foils in key circuit locations as part of our Ultimate Upgrade program offered for our Naim Audio restoration projects and in Naim phono boards and stages (both MM and MC) as upgrades for the input loading resistors.

The TX2575 “Naked” Z-Foil (Vishay Bulk Foil) resistor is in its resistance range and power rating simply the best resistor for audio circuits we’ve tested to date. AV Options further enhances the low noise performance with our Deep-Cryo treatment.

The benefits are immediately obvious: a very low noise floor and improved dynamic performance.

The AV Options Ultimate NAIT 2 - showing 2 of the 10 TX2575 Z-Foils with AVO Deep-Cryo treatment

Naim Audio NAP135 - full restoration and Ultimate Upgrades including TX2575 Z-Foils with AVO Deep-Cryo in key circuit locations

Texas Components TX2575 “Z-Foil” Data Sheet

For more in-depth information about Z-Foils, download the Data Sheet:

Download TX2575 Data Sheet