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The AVO SIGNAL cables as you said are quite good out of the gate and am liking them in the system. Better separation as well as clarity and presence in particular. So far I have about a months play on them. UPDATE! My system with the new ICs and now with around 100 plus hours of use has indeed been getting better and better in all the the areas I previously mentioned in my last email but also in particular in the reproduction of musical dynamics…in both small and large swings. I am really satisfied with the purchase!

UPDATE-the AVO DIGITAL75 cables arrived and sound really good. My first impression is that the sound seems to be more in focus. Came across to be so on some solo piano recordings…e.g. Argerich , Schumann, Scenes from Childhood.

UPDATE #2 - 150 hours in - system is sounding wonderful…your DIGITAL75 BNC cables add more clarity, quieter background, as well as more focused imaging. Believe I am all set now and that the system is complete.

Phil S.
Brooklyn, NY
July, 2023

AVO Team - Just a quick update. Got the 6 SIGNAL DIN-XLR mono cables hooked up in my AVO restored Naim 135 6 Pack system on Wednesday before leaving town that night. Wanted to have them nice and burned in by the time I return home Monday night.

Straight out the box they sounded great. Bigger stage, deeper bass. Looking forward to revisiting upon return!

Chris B.
Berkeley, CA
June, 2023

My original plan was to place your new AVO SIGNAL cable on a DAC-V1 but I placed it on my NDAC/XPS2 which I was contemplating selling; not anymore! The transformation was immediate and palpable. For the first time I'm hearing all the fine subtleties and nuances to go with the grunt and heft that the XPS2 gives. I'm very satisfied!

Gil R.
Beaverton, OR
May, 2023

The new AV Options TW-56 Deep-Cryo speaker cables are more than I could imagine. Used with my Naim SuperNAIT3 integrated amp and Dynaudio Evoke 50 speakers.

TW-56 is unveiled, much more detail, up and down the frequencies. They evened out the sound stage and placed vocals in front, much more realistic in placement and shhhh quieter background! Bass is less boomy, like seeing details in the shadows.

Really wasn’t expecting that much. OK guys what else you got?

Raymond B.
Cleveland Heights, OH
February, 2023

+1 for having NACA5 with Deep-Cryo!

I really don’t know where to begin but to first off say thanks again for pushing me to have the AVO Deep-Cryo treatment. I was skeptical that having this done would be so profound. I can honestly say it’s like a black-box upgrade as in all I want to do is re-listen to every album/track that I own. I sent in my NACA5 cables in to be re-terminated and you guys suggested having my cables Deep-Cryo’d at the same time. Hard to describe accurately but it’s like having a new glasses prescription going from 20/50 to 20/20 vision. It’s like a whole new world of details is being displayed for my ears/brain.

Without a doubt I’d HIGHLY recommend doing this. My system has never sounded better.

Mark A.
Seattle, WA
November, 2022

Just wanted to let you know I did the install for my friend of the Hubbell Deep-Cryo AC outlet you sent last week.

Big Improvement - immediately! Much more low frequencies and tamed the harsh highs.

Your product beat the Pangea by miles. Much better cable grip as well. His heavy power cables were pulling loose prior. Not any more. The Hubbell Deep-Cryo is the real deal.

As always, thanks for the guidance and best customer service in the biz.

John W.
Elsmere, KY
March, 2022

I got the replacement power cord for the Chord M-Scaler power supply. Thanks for sending it so promptly.

The Chord Hugo TT2 and Chord M-Scaler together are indeed an awesome combo and match well with my Harbeths and SuperNAIT 2.

Thanks again for everything and have a wonderful holiday season.

By the way, the Naim HICAP-DR has been transformative for my system.

Phil S.
Brooklyn, NY
December, 2021

Nick and the team at AV Options - Just to let you know that the ProAc Tab 10 Signature’s sound great and I couldn’t be happier. They fill up my relatively small listening room just fine. Currently listening with a Line Magnetic 216IA amp and a Naim 152/155 combo, sound good with both. Very satisfied with my transaction and hope to do business again. Thanks!

Earl M.
Madison, WI
April, 2021

I originally ran my Chrome Bumper Naim NAP 135’s active with a HiCap powering my NAXO 3-6 via SNAIC 5. Eventually I changed to a SuperCap, expertly upgraded to DR status by AV Options, to power the NAXO with a nice improvement in overall performance. Figuring this was not using the SuperCap DR to it’s fullest capacity I upgraded the NAXO 3-6 to SNAXO 362 in order to better utilize the power rails with a Naim Burndy cable. Once the Burndy was connected there was better depth to my system and more bass control.

Once the ChordBurndy was released I decided to give it a go as I enjoyed Chord cables sourced from AV Options in other parts of my system. When the ChordBurndy cable arrived I was surprised at the overall improvement in sound quality. It’s as if my system became ALIVE! A huge leap in dynamics, better soundstage, greater detail, and improved bass. It’s not only the biggest improvement I’ve made in upgrading cables, it’s the biggest improvement I’ve made with upgrading any component. I couldn’t recommend the ChordBurndy more!

Thanks guys for the always excellent advice.

Chris B.
Berkeley, CA
April, 2021

As a Front of House sound engineer who has been mixing sound for live performances for over 15 years, I have always been seeking ways to get the sound of my Naim system closer to the experience of hearing a live band playing. While there are all sorts of power products, cables, equipment stands, and speakers that work well with Naim and can get you closer and closer to the live sound experience, there was always one product missing specific to Naim Pre-amps, Source and supporting power supplies. That missing link was the Burndy cable that could not be improved upon for the longest time.

Finally the new ChordBurndy came along a few months ago to link my NAC 252 pre-amp to my SuperCap-DR PSU. The upgrade to the ChordBurndy has been the greatest bang for the buck upgrade I ever made in my 20 years of owning Naim gear and the numerous upgrades I have made over time.

Putting the ChordBurndy in the system is like opening a floodgate to music. Musical notes correctly represented start flowing through the room making my speakers disappear. Guitar riffs from the most complex rock performances can clearly be understood and followed along with superb PRaT, micro dynamic energy, transients and attack of musical notes are electrifying. I no longer need to turn up the volume to 12 o’clock and wake up the whole house to listen to a good rock album. Volume at 9 o’clock is plenty of energy in the room out of my pair of Olive NAP 135’s (booked for a full restoration later this year!). This is close as I get to producing a live experience out of recorded music, I believe.

Many thanks to the awesome friends at AV Options for introducing me to this marvelous product!

Sandeep S.
Cincinnati, OH
April, 2021

Just a note to say thanks to Chris, Nick and team. Chris rebuilt my NAIT 2 (manufactured in 1990) several years ago and since then I have picked up a pair of Tab 10 speakers, custom Sound Anchor stands, a pair of REL subs, and some AV Options Twisted-56 speaker wire (to bi-wire the Pro-Acs) from AV Options. Seriously happy with how everything sounds and the quality of craftsmanship and advice in each case. (I could go on about this, but suffice it to say that expert advice is part of what you get.) A week ago I picked up a little Pro-Ject streamer/DAC combo from another retailer and needed a cable so once again I turned to AV Options. I’ve now added the Chord Shawline with Deep-Cryo treatment. Loving it!

Allen G.
Potomoc, MD
April, 2021

Thank you for the amazing twisted happiness!

I haven’t been able to spend as much time listening (breaking in) as I would have liked to do (weather has been way nicer than I anticipated) but it’s getting there. The new AV Options Twisted-56 wires are definitely a big step in the right direction with a first impression of “yeah, wow, that’s the missing link; more openness, new details, and less noise” compared with what I was using earlier (Nordost blue heaven, it’s in the back of the closet). They also look good with the Special Forty’s (I believe Nick was wondering about that) that I’m using with the Naim Star. I also noticed the very nice touch of actually having the wires connected to the dual banana plugs separated in a left pair and a right pair to match the output of the amp!

Have an amazing day, please stay safe & happy!

Mats B.
St. Louis, MO
May, 2020

After almost 2 solid weeks of break in, the Chord Electronics Qutest DAC and the Chord Co Shawline cables (USB and RCA) setup is coming on song. The Chord Music cable on the Naim CD555 CD player took almost 4 weeks to sound its best. We have played Spotify around the clock and listened to our NAS of ripped vinyl in hi-res for more critical applications.

The Qutest has surprising authority with excellent bass, highs, and a convincing soundstage. At the same volume, it is not hard to tell the difference between our Qutest setup and our top of the line Naim CD player setup (Naim CD555_two 555PS-DR power supplies_Chord Music interconnect cable). We can hear it but we don't care as much as we might have thought. The Qutest sounds good with all types of music but excels in jazz. I have found myself wishing all our sources had an adjustable filter for roll off! I am not ready to get out of physical media yet, but I can see why people do. Thanks Nick, Chris and David for a great and inexpensive start on our simple streaming setup.

Skip C.
Little Rock, AR
November, 2019

I spoke with Nick several months ago after reading about AV Options recent appointment as a Roon and Chord Electronics dealer. I was not happy with the Naim streaming app and protocols and was looking for some info on Roon. Fast forward to today, not only did I purchase the Roon Nucleus+ & a Lifetime Roon subscription but also ended up acquiring the Chord Hugo TT2 and M-Scaler with Chord Co. Sarum T USB and RCA-RCA cables to replace my Naim NDS as well as both my 555PS Power Supplies. Not only did I eliminate a couple of black boxes but I also took my reference system (Naim NAP500, NAC552, Sonus Faber Strads) to a whole new level. I had been considering acquiring the new Naim ND555 streamer but the Hugo TT2 and M-Scaler combo with Chord Sarum T cables immediately convinced me otherwise.

Nick, Chris, and David were awesome during the entire process from ordering to installation (special shout out to David as he remotely assisted me in setting up the QNAP NAS and making sure it worked with the Roon Nucleus+ on my network), and follow up. I was so impressed with the results that I ordered the Chord Qutest for my upstairs system.

Joe W.
Washington, DC
August, 2019

A quick note to thank the team at AV Options for their help making my move into the Streaming world.

I recently upgraded my non-Naim system (SOTA turntable/Lyra cartridge_VTL preamp_Krell amp_ Musical Fidelity CD player_Usher speakers_Cardas cables) going with their Roon/Chord/Chord solution:

Roon Nucleus + Roon Lifetime Subscription / Chord Electronics Qutest DAC / Chord Signature RCA-RCA interconnect and Chord Signature USB A-B cables (AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip / TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cables added as well and a Quadraspire SVT Bamboo stand with the Bronze upgrade)

I’ve already spent many late nights exploring Roon - Tidal HiFi and grooving on the superb musical performance coming from this Roon/Chord/Chord addition to my system.

In addition Nick and David really helped me to set up my new QNAP NAS drive and CD ripping station setup on my iMac. Their level of professionalism and knowledge is impressive. AV Options is also helping me sell off some of my old audio equipment towards the purchase of a Chord M-Scaler - that’s full service.

Thanks for the recommendations and excellent support!

Al G.
San Jose, CA
July, 2019

Wanted to express my thanks to the team at AV Options (Nick, Chris and David) for their excellent advice and support.

After consultation with Nick, I upgraded my system (based on a Naim SuperNait1, KEF bookshelf speakers with a Quadraspire Q4 EVO stand) with the following components purchased from AV Options:

Rega Planar 6 turntable with Rega Ania MC cartridge

Rega Aria MM/MC Phono Stage

Chord Electronics Qutest DAC

AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip / AV Options TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cables

AV Options Twisted 56 Deep-Cryo speaker cables (bi-wired for the KEFs)

Chord Clearway RCA-RCA interconnect cables (with AVO Deep-Cryo)

My system has now advanced to a superb level of performance. Both the analog and digital sides are very involving, with good PRAT but also an immersive soundstage that draws you into the performance. Best of both worlds! My next moves will be getting ProAc Tab 10 Signature speakers and a Roon Nucleus to run Roon (I'm using Tidal HiFi off my iPhone via an Apple Camera Adapter/USB A-B cable into the Qutest for now.)

Kudos to AV Options for reconnecting me to my Music!

Leonard G.
Danville, CA
July, 2019

The NACA5 with cryo-treatment is awesome; very transparent and with rich tone. It works very well with my Boulder integrated driving Magnepan .7 speakers. Great control and transparency and rich tone. I think the amp is up to driving bigger speakers like the 20.1s but not sure if best fit for my room. In any case, just wanted to let you know I really like the cables.

These are so good I'm interested in a pair of NACA5 with Deep-Cryo treament for use with my Naim NAP300 system; standard Naim connections amp and speaker end (banana). Would like about 19-20 feet or so…


Received the second pair of NACA5 with AVO Deep-Cryogenic treatment, sounds awesome in both my systems such that I could hardly want for more.

Having had a positive experience with the Deep-Cryo treated speaker cables (on both my Boulder 865 and Naim NAP300 systems), I want to check out your Deep-Cryo AC cords at some point.

Gene C.
Frederick, MD
July, 2019

After 3 weeks the new AVO Deep-Cryo'd NACA5 is starting to sound really, really good. Any hardness and brittleness in the treble is now gone, replaced with complexity and delicacy. Cymbals now sound great. Human voices are now very organic. I estimate that it took about 70 hours to get rid of the initial hardness, with continuing dramatic improvement through the next 70 hours to the 140 hour mark. The basic character of the cable was established at 140 hours with continuing, but slower improvement and refinement to the present which is somewhere over 200 hours.

Thanks again for the great product and support!

Charles C.
Houston, TX
July, 2019

I just wanted to let you know that I'm already very impressed with the AV Options TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo power cables and SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip. (I've just ordered one more TibiaPlus12 power cable for my DAC.) My experience has been exactly as you described. With the SuperWiremold Strip, I immediately noticed a lower noise floor and more detail, but with a slight "mechanical" sound for the first 24 hours or so. Now at 78 hours in the mechanical sound is gone. I'm excited to know that this will continue to improve over the next month. Thanks for the outstanding products and support! BTW, the 72/Hicap is really starting to sing.

Charles C.
Houston, TX
October, 2018

I cannot say enough good things about the ULTRA-HBL Power Strip. In my Naim 72 / HICAP / 135 x 2 system, all restored and upgraded by AV Options, using TibiaPlus12 power cords all around, into DBLs, the noise floor is lower, the soundstage is wider, the bass goes deeper and musicality is enhanced. The ULTRA-HBL makes the system overall more enjoyable to listen to. It’s a great improvement and a no brainer for anyone who wants to get the most out his or her hifi, Naim or any other brand.

John C.
New York City, NY
October, 2018

The AV Options Twisted 56 Deep-Cryo speaker cables were received perfectly.

I noticed an immediate improvement over my old NACA-5. Great product.

I recently bought a second hand NAIT 2 with your Ultimate upgrade and I am using with a Well Tempered Amadeus turntable, a Lyra Delos, a Lundahl silver step up, and Quad ESL / Quad 63 speakers. Sounds fabulous with either speaker and the simplicity can’t be beat. Haven’t been able to put either the Naim SN2 or the Nait 3R back in place. Conclusions are drawn by listening to prog of all kinds, soul, funk, blues, punk, rock, pop, new wave, post punk. I’m at home and on holiday for the week so have had plenty of time to listen today and yesterday.

My wife returns home next week and compared to me, has ears like an owl. I am sure she will be more impressed than me when we fire up her favorite records.

I hope you enjoy this feedback and many thanks. :-)

Paul R.
Pittsburgh, PA
September, 2018

It’s hard to believe a power strip could make so much difference but the ULTRA-HBL definitely has the “it” factor. I recently installed it in my living room system consisting of Naim CDX/XPS, Rega P6, AV Options Ultimate NAIT2, AV Options Twisted 56 speaker cable, AV Options TibiaPlus AC cables and Naim Allae speakers. I was not expecting the amount of improvement it delivered. It cleaned up the sound and gave me what I wanted - more PRAT in a very smooth and articulate manner. It’s pure music. Exceptional!

Nile G.
Davis, CA
September, 2018

I have been very impressed with the ULTRA-HBL! So far I’m using it on a modest second system with a UnitiQute, since the big rig still is not set up. Anyway, I’d like to order a second ULTRA-HBL power strip, so I can use one in each system.

Arthur T.
Lincoln, MA
August, 2018

It did not take long for me to appreciate that your ULTRA HBL power strip is a great investment in the enjoyment of music. I could not be more pleased with the performance of my system with it now installed for four days. Music is rendered more convincingly, with greater clarity over a quieter background. The improvement is similar to what I have heard in the past with power supply upgrades. I feel the degree of musical improvement from the ULTRA HBL per dollar of cost is above average compared to other “upgrades” I have made over the years, and I am getting more music from all the expensive equipment now “plugged in” to it. So this is an investment i would highly recommend to others.

The ULTRA HBL replaced a Cable-Pro NANA IEC power strip. It powers Naim NAP300, Supercap2/NAC282, 555PSDR/DAC through Naim Powerlines, and Naim DAC, UnitiCore and NAPSC through your Deep Cryo treated TibiaPlus12 power cords.

Charlie P.
Seattle, WA
April, 2018

I picked up the ULTRA-HBL Deep-Cryo Power Strip the day it arrived at the Fed Ex store and installed it in my system that evening, so it has been breaking in for close to four weeks. There's a great improvement to my Spectral (DMC20 preamp-DMA90 amp-Sony SCD-1 CD/SACD player) based system; more articulation, greater clarity, and because of that, an extended range - better bass and improved sound staging. Kudos to AV Options!

Ed O.
San Francisco, CA
March, 2018

After a week of listening with my new ULTRA-HBL power strip, I must say I am truly impressed with the results. Along with the Naim DR upgrades from AV Options, this is one of the “biggest bang for the buck” tweaks I have done to my system. The AV Options ULTRA-HBL crushes the Adept Response PDC that I was running previously.

The benefits from the ULTRA-HBL that I've heard so far include: expanded soundstage, improved PRAT - which is amazing based upon how good my system delivered PRAT before adding the power strip, and higher level of clarity of musical note and voice. Thanks for developing such a great product.

Robert G.
St. Louis, MO
January, 2018

The ULTRA-HBL is seriously good, I'm really knocked out by it! I spent some time this morning trying it on my active Naim system. I first compared the Linn Radikal turntable power supply alone on the new strip versus the SuperWiremold as well as just plugging the Radikal into the wall. I wasn’t expecting to hear much of an improvement because of the switching power supply in the Radikal, but I was wrong. I then I used the ULTRA-HBL with the Naim nDAC (Naim Powerline AC cable) and Cambridge CXC transport (AV Options TibiaPlus Deep-Cryo), and heard a bigger improvement than with the Radikal. Finally, I replaced the Audience ar6 PDC used to power the 555PS, 552PS, Supercap DR, and 3 250 DR’s, all using Powerlines. Again, a very nice improvement with the ULTRA-HBL over the PDC. I would like to order 3 more of the ULTRA-HBL Deep-Cryo power strips.

Tom M.
Findlay, OH
January, 2018

The ULTRA-HBL sounds fantastic - huge improvement even cold (literally)! Noise floor is so much lower now and everything sounds so much bigger and more dynamic and effortless. I’m sure the metal housing has something to do with the above.

I can already imagine how great it’s going to sound in a few weeks - thanks for such a great product!

Evan S.
Jamaica Plain, MA
January, 2018

Hi Chris & Nick - Just before the holidays you delivered a pair of AV Options Twisted 56 Deep-Cryo speaker cables to me, and now that they have enough hours on them I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the difference they have made to my Naim based system (NAC 272 pre-amp/streamer, NAP 250DR power amp, Uniti Core NAS, Rega RP8/Alpheta2 turntable and Mark-Audio Viotti One speakers.) After the “break-in” period the sound smoothed-out nicely, with improved detail and clarity while maintaining a full but tight bass. Very impressed, particularly give the reasonable cost! Many thanks.

Bob B.
Millbrook, NY
January, 2018

I was surprised at the improvement I heard after I inserted the SuperWiremold Power strip into my system! I wasn't sure if I'd hear any differences, and was a little concerned that using only one outlet for 4 Naim power supplies might potentially degrade the sound. That was definitely not the case! It was obvious however upon first listening that the SWM made a significant improvement -- echo'd by your many positive customer reviews!

While there's not much I can add to all that positive feedback, there is one point that I think is worth noting. I found it especially interesting that your notes specified that the SWM would "present with a low noise floor and clarity but will have a slight glare for the first 24-72 hours..." It was that glare that I noticed upon first use of the SWM, however along with it --a lower noise floor and increased clarity and greater ease in "understanding the music." I was impressed that you specified those characteristics in your literature and happy that I was able to hear exactly what you specified. For all those reasons, I've decided to order the Deep-Cryo Hubbells and endure some back- breaking work changing my outlets (without disassembling my whole system and moving racks). If those Hubbell outlets yield the same degree of improvement that the SWM has so far, then the effort definitely will be worthwhile! Thanks Chris, Nick and David!

Mike R.
Cold Spring, NY
October, 2017

I recently added AV Options’ Twisted-56 Deep-Cryo speaker cable to my home office system, which consists of the Naim NAC 72 preamp, Olive Naim HICAP power supply, and Naim NAP 140 amplifier - all restored earlier this year by AV Options - along with ATC SCM 7 speakers on custom Sound Anchor FSTT desktop stands.

The AVO Twisted-56 cables (designed to work with Naim amps) immediately provided a richness to the bass and a depth to the sound that wasn’t there before. The improvements continued to build as the cables ran in. The flexibility of the cable is very nice for an office environment with space constraints. Chris West also bi-wired (with high quality Naim banana pins - no cheap Deltron pins) the cables for the ATC speakers and the termination work was immaculate.

Outstanding performance & craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Thank you AV Options!

Nile G.
Davis, CA
September, 2017

I am very pleased with your service, the quality of the AV Options products and the Deep-Cryoed Naim Powerlines. My Naim NAC 272 + XPS-DR and NAP 250DR with the SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip, Hubbell Deep-Cryo AC duplex wall outlet and the Deep-Cryoed Naim Powerlines make the ProAc D48R speakers sing like in paradise :-) The sound stage is beautifully centered and has gained a lot in depth, focus and clarity. A real pleasure, seriously! I previously had a Matrix powerstrip but your set up is much more effective. Great job!

Thanks AV Options!

Roberto T.
Walnut Creek, CA
June, 2017

Your Hubbell Deep-Cryo duplex wall outlets supercharged my 552-500 based Naim system. An inexpensive and effective upgrade!

Chris B.
Seattle, WA
May, 2017

Chris and AV Options, the AV Options Deep-Cryo'd Naim PowerLines AC cables sound great. I find it difficult to enjoy my Naim based audio system without them.

Thanks again for offering such great products!

Brooks W.
Kirkland, WA
April, 2017

Chris, Nick and David, thanks again for the wonderful advice and assistance regarding all things audio over the last couple of months.

The SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip has really come alive! The upper frequencies sparkled from the onset and within 2 weeks the whole spectrum fully bloomed. The end result is quite exceptional. In terms of value, nothing compares.

Bo L.
Seattle, WA
February, 2017

I decided to try the new AV Options TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cable for all my recently rebuilt by AV Options Naim components (NAC82 preamp, SuperCap power supply, NAP250 amp and CDX2 CD player) including Rega’s RP10 turntable power supply. The musicality improvement over the already very good TibiaPlus AC cables I was using is absolutely astounding for both CDs and LPs in terms of greater dynamics and clean, deeper bass with all the PRAT intact!!!

Many thanks to Chris, Nick and David for their fantastic service and products!

Eric S.
Amelia Island, FL
January, 2017

I just wanted to let you know that the SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo power strip arrived today and I just plugged it in and fired up an ECM cd and all I can say is wow, it sounds fantastic. It’s funny how just a straight outlet strip directly from the wall can sound this good. I’m loving it. Thank you.

Scot H.
Des Plaines, IL
November, 2016

I recently added an AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip and replaced the standard Naim mains cables with AV Options TibiaPlus AC cables to my Naim system. The improvement was substantial and immediate. It’s hard for me to imagine another upgrade that offers a bigger bang for the buck. These products are no-brainers.

Nile G.
Davis, CA
October, 2016

Thank you for getting this SWM out to me in such a swift manner. Received the unit yesterday and last night installed it into my system. Removed 2 Furutech TP-60 6 banger plug units and everything is much more in order now. Have the SWM coming out of an Audience Adept duplex line conditioner which expands now to the 9 outlets. Also gave a 2 hour listen to my system and everything sounds wonderful. I am glad that I first read Art Dudley's report in Stereophile magazine about your product and this prompted me to look you up and purchase the SWM. I am very pleased with this purchase and want to thank you and your team for helping me.

Much Aloha,
Alex C.
Hilo, HI
April, 2016

Just a note to express appreciation for your help in acquiring an AV Options SupwerWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip.

When installed in my system, which includes Krell and Ayre units, the sound was improved in two significant ways:
a) The 'black' level was reduced by -my ear - about 10 dB.
b) Intermod distortion was reduced by - again, my ear - about 5 to 6 dB.

I am very happy with this unit and recommend it. You are welcome to use this comment if you wish.

Stan S.
La Jolla, CA
April, 2016

I just wanted to thank you guys again for helping me get the most out of my system. I was skeptical that a Power-strip (AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo) and your Hubbell wall Deep-Cryo outlet could improve the sound of my modest system, but it did improve it. The increase resolution had me take notice immediately. I can now turn down the volume because I hear way more resolution. It was a little shocking at how bad my previous power situation was. Sound-staging and timbre were the most immediate effects I noticed. I'm so impressed at what you guys have done and especially for taking your time and figuring out what my best options to improve my system should be.

Mark A.
Renton, WA
September, 2015

Thanks for the prompt shipping of the Superwiremold. It arrived on Thursday, and right out of the box made an improvement in my system's sound, with increased resolution.

Jim H.
Halifax, PA
September, 2015

The Power strip and power cord arrived yesterday. After resetting all my power cables I ran some thick orchestrations through the system - Richard Strauss, Holst and Mahler. My reaction was the same as Art Dudley's. Everything was much cleaner, individual instruments and voices more forward and less volume boost necessary. I did not realize how the old Power Wedge was obscuring so much. It may be just psychological, but I also thought the back lights on my power and pre amps were brighter.

In any event, this was a very good investment. I will spread the word among the Tulsa audiophile community. Thanks for an excellent product.

Ron W.
Tulsa, OK
September, 2015

Just a line to say that this wiremold strip is a really good product. Music seems clearer through it than through my CablePro Revelation, as well as seeming to have a more solid foundation and quieter backgrounds. The Audiopro was being used with a $300+ JPS Labs ac cord and still, the wiremold is a very definite uptick. I put very little faith in a.c. upgrades (as opposed to interconnects and speaker cables) so I am very pleasantly surprised at the clearly discernible differences the wiremold has made in my system. My thanks to you and Chris West for the great service and even more so for an excellent product, which even a skeptic like me cannot deny what I hear. This product is everything Art Dudley said it was and even more so.

Jimmy S.
Bronxville, NY
September, 2015

I received the two AVO Deep Cryo Tibia 6ft power cords today. After just a few hours on the 2 HiCaps to my 282, I can hear that you are on to something. I would please like to order quantity 3 more please.

Thank You Very Much!

Charles P.
Seattle, WA
September, 2015

Got it today [SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo power strip] right out of box....WOW!

Way way better than Furman filter conditioner thingy. Love it when an improvement is black and white. Great product! Very crispy detail.... that I never had before.

Tim A.
Dunlap, IL
September, 2015

I set up the SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo power strip last night and am impressed. I got home late and had time to listen to just 1 CD - = put in The Doors Live in Pittsburgh, May 1970. I know this CD well and love it, and could immediately hear the difference. The music was more immediate and the presentation was just more musical. I really enjoyed it.

Art Dudley was right – your power bar is a no-brainer for any person with a decent sound system who enjoys listening to music. Kudos to you and your company for providing a great product!

William L.
New Haven, CT
August, 2015

Set everything up and I'm assuming there's some break in but the AV Options Twisted 56 Deep-Cryo speaker cable is blowing me away. I had Chord Co on the Naim Audio DACv1-NAP100 set up with Rega RS-1 bookshelf speakers. I was contemplating a small tower to get more bass but I don't need that now. Probably a combination of the AV Options Tibia Plus AC cable, SuperWiremold power strip, Twisted 56 speaker cable and having everything Deep-Cryo treated but it's really freaking good now.

Tony L.
Anaheim, CA
August, 2015

I'm still using and still impressed with the AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip. It does everything I've asked, which is provide more outlets while remaining transparent in comparison to a direct into the wall outlet/dedicated circuit connection. Since it does this so well I haven't felt the need to try more expensive options, especially since my understanding is that the design goals of the PDC were essentially the same; provide more outlets while remaining transparent.

Naim Audio Forums
May, 2015

I've been using my AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo (SWMDC) Power Strip for a little under 2 months now. I think it has really just settled in the last few weeks. It really does have a nice organic sound and the noise floor is as good or better than direct into the wall (dedicated 20 amp circuit with an AV Options Hubbell Deep-Cryo 20amp wall receptacle). The highest praise I can give is that it sounds like a perfect extension of my receptacle, as nearly all power conditioning products I've had over the years have imparted a sound signature of their own to the system. The only direct comparisons I've been able to make are with the wall-direct and with a full Shunyata system that was roughly 5x-7x the cost of the SWMDC. I clearly preferred the SWMDC and have sold off the other system. It appears extremely well made for the price. The build quality is clearly at the standard that AV Options provides for all of their equipment and repairs (which is to say comparable to the Naim Audio level). My only wish is that they would offer a black finish in addition to the natural maple. I would highly recommend the product if you are in North America. I don't think you will be able to find a viable alternative at anywhere near 2x-3x the price.

Naim Audio Forums
December, 2014

Just to let you know that I've had the SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo power strip now for 3 1/2 weeks and I think it's finally completely broken in. Sounds fabulous. Improved clarity which seems to have improved the pace & timing aspects noticably. Good thing is that my system still sounds the same in tonal balance only better, if that makes sense.

A lot of power conditioners (like the cablepro nana) change the tonal balance in a way that's tiring (light & bright).

Gene N.
Scottsdale, AZ
May, 2014

Naim Audio Restoration-Rebuild Projects-DR Upgrades

I first learned of AVOptions in the Naim forums just over two years ago. Every reference to them included praise for their professionalism, products and services. I also noticed that used Naim equipment that’s been serviced by them commands premium prices, even compared with units refurbished by Naim themselves.

I’ve since purchased a Chord Electronics DAC, AV Options Tibia12 and TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC power cables and other Naim accessories and have to concur with everything good that’s been said about them. They are currently servicing my Naim preamp and power supply and I can’t wait to get it back.

You can’t build a great sounding HiFi system simply reading reviews and haphazardly combining equipment. Either you are intimately familiar with the equipment and how the components will work together, or you know someone who is (typically a dealer). Nick and Chris of AVOptions have been very helpful with products and advice that have added refinement, musicality, and excitement to a number of systems in my home. The TibiaPlus power cords are a no brainer value proposition. Their council will save you years of trial and error, time, and money. I cannot recommend AVOptions any higher in this regard. I’ve worked in the industry and have been a hobbyist for over 40 years and they are the real deal.

So, if your system doesn’t make you thrilled to come home and listen, give AV Options a call. I can’t recommend a better place to start. If you own or are interested in Naim or Chord equipment, don’t go anywhere else. Nick and Chris are professional, knowledgeable, honest, and a pleasure to work with.

UPDATE AUGUST 2023: So I've had some time with the 52/SuperCap now and I couldn't be happier. The results are astounding. I now have a more dynamic and exciting presentation together with a coherence and ease of flow that’s easy to listen to for hours. Realism and palpability are also enhanced. Immensely enjoyable! I never got to hear the 52 because of the problem with my Supercap but what you returned to me craps all over the 82, which I thought sounded pretty good. Similar sonic signature but my restored 52/SuperCap has far more refinement, it’s not close. I'm extremely happy with it. I look forward to hearing it with your AVO SIGNAL cable I've ordered swapped out for the HiLine.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. You guys do great work and I value your help and advice.

Thanks again, Chris, Nick and David.

Gerard C.
Commack, NY
May, 2023

I received back my AVO Ultimate NAIT 2, now upgraded with the Alps “ Blue Beauty “ Volume Pot. Out of the box, the bass goes deeper and the sound stage is larger in all planes. Voices and instruments are more realistic, more three dimensional. Transients are clearer and more detailed. Everything is more visceral, dramatic passages moreso.

I also noticed that there's more distance than with the stock pot in turning the pot up or down before there's significant increase or decrease in volume, as if it has more steps.

And, the volume is now the same across channels at all levels, unlike with the stock pot.

Backgrounds are now blacker. Lowered noise floor?

On the slight down side, sometimes voices seemed to be buried in the mix and the bass was diffuse, not tight and focused, though this changed when I replayed those specific tracks and has not persisted after a day or so.

However after 48 hours, everything settled in across all sources and all of the changes above have stabilized. Now, things are better than ever.

Sigmund F.
Canonsburg, PA
September, 2022

The NAP135 amps have been delivered and I just finished setting them up. 5 min into first album and they are glorious!

Thanks so much!

Hui Z.
Mountain View, CA
March, 2022

Wow I Say! Chris did a fantastic job rebuilding my pair of Olive NAP135 amplifiers. When Chris says he makes them sing after he rebuilds them – he really means it.

Chris goes the extra mile with components, craftsmanship, testing, and everything he does with a rebuild. To top it off he replaces the whiney and loud cooling fans with really quiet fans. The amps will be fully broken-in close to Christmas. However, they are already producing beautiful and magical music in my system.

Thank again, Chris and the AV Options Team!

Sandeep S.
Cincinnati, OH
November, 2021

Hi Chris and Nick, some glamour shots of the Naim Fraim and Naim boxes. Wow! What an upgrade. It is an improvement in many important, but subtle ways.

May not hurt to struggle along 10 years with something ordinary, so that one can really appreciate the engineering going into the Fraim/Naim system.

Thanks again for helping me put all this together. Looking forward to getting the last level and having the CDX2 join the show.

David W.
Woodstock, GA
March, 2021

I just finished 4 straight hours (Alas I have to eat dinner and go to bed.) of listening to my “new” stereo. It is beautiful, wonderful and truly a joy for us. Even Becky, my wife, said within the first 2 minutes that we received a very special “new” musical instrument. And she plays our Yamaha Baby Grand!

I am so happy I sent the NAC 52 to you. The entire Naim system is so clear, so bold, so delicate…bringing forth wonderful music. I started with the Getz au Go Go on the Linn and ended with Tennessee Ernie Ford and the Beatles White Album via Roon from Qobuz and my Synology server. Every performance was as if the artist was actually in our listening room. Copies of old recordings that I thought were distorted became clear and vivid. Everything is so musical! I am delighted.

Thank you for spending your careful attention to my 52 and Supercap. You are a Master. I am so honored to have you service my two decade old equipment. Thank you. When I can save the funds, I hope to have you work with my NAP 250.

Michael N.
Bellevue, WA
March, 2021

I've had everything plugged back in for about a week now. Short story is that it's the best version of my system yet. :-)

Everything arrived in perfect condition and the 72's boards were still tightly seated. It's tough to compare with the previous version after a few months without, but I'd say it sounds rhythmic, taut, and darker. The first two for sure, a bit more boogie and more control. Not sure if dark is the right word choice, though. More space or separation perhaps, like its a bit easier to hear each instrument.

I'd been considering a used 282, but now the 72 sounds great to my ears. As I'm sure often happens, I've been scrolling the classifieds for some speakers to replace my flabby B&Ws -- ATC 19s are my first choice, but they don't pop up too often. More frequently than those SL2's, though!

Regardless, I'm enjoying the music a lot. I won't hesitate to recommend you, and will reach out in a few years to recap my Hi-CAP DR as well. Thanks.

Patrick W.
Denver, CO
March, 2021

I have been using my Naim 32.5 and Hi-CAP for the past month, with a new Hubbell Deep-Cryo AC outlet into the Deep-Cryo AV Options SuperWiremold Power Strip with AV Options TibiaPlus cables powering a 250 amp and the Hi-CAP and with Naim NACA5 speaker cable that was re-terminated and Deep-Cryo treated. My system sounds great.

So, you may ask why does one decide to rejuvenate a 35 year old pre amp and power supply when there are a multitude of new electronics to be found? It took awhile for me to come to the conclusion that even if there is better equipment out there, would I want to go through the process of gear matching and probably making mistakes along the way or do I stick with the sonic footprint that I fell in love with 35 years ago and give my old gear a tuneup.

When people ask me to explain the Naim modular system, I compare it to a fresh footprint in the first hour of snow, it’s pure and clean. The more weight you use (say going from a 140 to a 250 or getting a Hi-CAP) the more defined the impression. Well my 35 year old footprint had some ice and dirt in it. AV Options cleaned it and put down fresh snow in it’s place to last me.

The 32.5 no longer has any noise and grit from the volume control. All the components sound better. Everything has more PRaT. I’m extremely happy.

Thanks to Chris West for all his craft and skill and for being available in the US. Couldn’t imagine shipping to the UK. Now what about my 250?? Hmmm.

Mitchell F.
Brooklyn, NY
February, 2021

I installed the 555PS-DR late last night (damm it’s heavy) and was able to listen to a few CDs earlier today.

WOW! It’s amazing how significant an improvement is possible by upgrading the power supply for a source component such as my CDX2.

The first thing I noticed (other than the more visible Naim logo) was the increased speed and tightness of the bottom-end. It’s much easier to follow the rhythm and bass line of the music now. Bass is lightning fast, seems to go deeper but has better pitch definition and stops and starts on-a-dime. Very impressive! As I continued to listen, the next thing I noticed was the increased top-to-bottom detail. I heard small details on familiar CDs that I had not heard previously. There was better defined space between singers and instruments; even when listening to a CD that I don’t like, it was obvious that the music became more interesting—I felt like I was “forced” to listen more carefully at all the details in the music. Addictive! I became more aware at how skillfully transients were handled and of dynamic shadings—both micro and macro—in the music. Amazing! And all this after just quickly inserting the 555PS-DR back into the system and listening right out of the box and before any tweaking.

I have definitely benefitted from all your work and attention to detail in updating my 555PS to DR. Thank you!

I’m guessing having the 252’s SCAP DR’d and recapped will be an additive improvement and I look forward to that upgrade also.

Michael R.
Cold Spring, NY
October, 2020

This system (my second Naim based system located in my study) allows you to sit back and enjoy music without any concerns about “moving up“ or “what if“ time wasting. I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how musical it is with all types of music. I cannot commend the team at AVO, Chris, Nick and David, enough for all their help and guidance over the past few years in putting this system together. The late Art Dudley’s review of the AVO Ultimate NAIT 2 (Stereophile May 2016) started me on this journey and AV Options has been there every step of the way, simply the best service!

ProAc Tablette 10 Signature speakers on Sound Anchor FSTT stands (custom specified for AV Options)

AVO Ultimate NAIT 2 with AVO Twisted-56 Deep-Cryo Speaker cables (Bi-Wired)

Naim CD 5X CD player with AVO Ultimate Chrome Bumper HICAP Power Supply upgrade

AVO SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip + AVO TibiaPlus12 and TibiaPlusDeep-Cryo AC cables + Hubbell Deep-Cryo outlet

Nile G.
Davis, CA
August, 2020

I have a lot of money tied up in my NAC552/NAP500 (both 2005 production) based audio system (details listed below). A large investment which needs to be protected. I also want it to perform the absolute best it is capable of. While there may be quicker options available there is only one Chris West. He grew up at Naim, learned under the hand of Julian Vereker, Naim’s Founder, and can take these things apart and rebuild them with his eyes closed. He is also surrounded and helped by his knowledgeable and attentive partners at AV Options, Nick Despotopoulos and David L'Heureux.

So what does one get for their money? It all starts with detailed instructions on how to pack and ship your components back. Little things that only a company with experience will tell you to do like fastening your transit screws with a crisscross of electrical tape to add an additional level of protection so they do not come loose during shipping. Progress reports, updates and all questions expertly and immediately fielded by Nick during the entire rebuild process. Every meticulous detail taken into consideration no matter the amount of time it entails. A lengthy soak period and then multi day bench tests & listening in a reference Naim system to ensure things are the best they can be. Hell I even received an email from Chris asking for another two days of listening as he felt there were just a few more tweaks he wanted to do to get it all sounding PERFECT. All in the effort to wring out that last bit of sonic goodness from my kit.

And when it is all done and back to you? What do you exactly get? Well, if it's possible to say this, I think my system now sounds BETTER than when it left the Naim factory 15 years ago. There just seems to be those intangible extras which were not there before. Whether playback from vinyl or digital sources, all genres of music flowed without any restriction or compromise, at a higher level than before. It’s an exhilarating experience! Lets face it, Naim is still a factory and things are mass produced. There is not one person who painstakingly obsesses over every minute detail to rebuild your system and extract the very best it is capable of.

So here's is my final take. Why mess around with anyone else? Not me and not for my system. Rebuilt, restored and DR’d by the Master. All other logistics and details expertly handled by the attentive crew at AV Options.

I would not trust my Naim investment to anyone else but AV Options.

Main Audio System - Summer 2020

Naim NAC552 preamp & NAP500 power amp (full AV Options rebuild and DR upgrades - June 2020). Burndy cables with AVO Deep Cryo treatment.

Kudos Titan T88 speakers (first batch of 5) with white NACA5 speaker cable - terminations by Chris West and with AVO Deep-Cryo treatment

Linn LP12 turntable (Woodsong Audio Curly Maple plinth/Keel/Karmen/Radikal/Tranquility) / ARO tonearm - Skale counterweight / Linn Kandid MC cartridge - updated and installed by Peter Swain - Cymbiosis

Tiger Paw turntable wall shelf with extra Fraim Glass level

Linn Klimax DS & dCS Rossini DAC / Rossini Master Clock + Roon streaming software

Chord Music interconnects all around

Naim Fraim (with Fraim Chips)

AV Options TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cables all around + Hubbell Deep-Cryo outlets - dedicated AC circuit

Gregg L.
Pound Ridge, NY
July, 2020

My Naim HiCap2 was refurbished and DR'd along with replacing my speaker cables with your affordable Twisted-56, and the improvement was "invigorating" in terms of the immediacy of the music. Leading edges of notes have that wonderful Naim sound (wait, there's more), and seeing into the music seems more effortless. Listening to Thelonious Monk, for example, quickly turned into an appreciation of his trademark of famously strange-sounding (half-diminished) chords. Here's my advice to prospective customers: (1) Heed the recommendation to re-cap your older Naim components - it's probably not your imagination that your system doesn't sound like it used to; and (2) AV Options may be a small shop, but it is run professionally with attention to operating procedures and customer service. Just my two cents as a satisfied customer.

Robert Y.
New York, NY
June, 2020

I just received my NAC552 preamp back with the DR upgrade and recap. It sounds even better than I had expected. The preamp was about 10 years old and working fine, but I felt the DR upgrade would be an improvement and might as well get all the caps - large and small replaced while you were at it and had it on the bench. Well the preamp sounds just fantastic - tighter, more musical and better dynamic range. As usual you have done a fantastic job - I really appreciate the care you give to my Naim gear.

Thank you so much !

Steven P.
Newberry, FL
February, 2020

The 72, HICAP, AV Options TibiaPlus AC cables and SuperWiremold arrived in perfect condition. I've got them all hooked up and breaking in. Even before break in, everything sounds great and I know it will just get better. And I'm very impressed with the cosmetics. The 72 and HICAP look like they are fresh from the factory back in the nineties!

Thanks so much for the superb work and the thoughtful customer service and communication.

Charles C.
Houston, TX
September, 2018

At the beginning of the year when I booked in the 252 for a service in April I did it purely based on its age.

In the intervening months prior to shipping it off I noticed it became less taut .. in fact I would describe some of the notes as becoming flaccid .. especially the bass. The bass became boomy and the music actually appeared to slow down.

I’ve been listening to it now for 2 days after the service and to say that I’m satisfied is an understatement .. tonight I played “Gimme all your loving” by ZZ Top off their Eliminator album and the opening drum intro is no longer “Boom boom boom” but “Whack whack whack” .. superb …

Thank you so much … the improvement is more than I could have wished for.

John W.
Pensacola, FL
May, 2018

Just a quick note to thank you for the Nait 2 rebuild. I’m glad I decided on the Ultimate Upgrade option along with the new AV Options Twisted-56 Deep-Cryo speaker cables. A darker background, tighter bass, and a slightly deeper soundstage were apparent in the first few hours. I’ve swapped many, many amp combos over the years and always seem to return to my Olive Nait 2. After the recent AVO Ultimate rebuild I’m happy knowing it will “sing” for many more years! Thanks also for the quick turnaround and responses to my many questions during the rebuild process. Thanks Chris, Nick and David!

Todd H.
Longmont, CO
March, 2018

Chris and the team at AV Options recently did a full rebuild-restoration and Ultimate Upgrades of my Naim NAC 72 preamp and Olive era Naim HICAP power supply.

As a result of Chris’s exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, my system looks and sounds better than factory new condition, and on a total cost of ownership basis is still less expensive (and better sounding) than any current new products at triple or more the retail price. Olive Naim gear had a special magic and AV Options have taken it to a whole new level.

I am also using their Deep-Cryo treated Naim SNAIC5 cable and their AV Options TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cable with the 72/HICAP for added benefit - tremendous bang for the buck. AV Options are the only ones with a time machine that can take you back to the 1990s to get like new Olive Naim gear that’s carefully restored & updated for the 21st Century.

My highest recommendation, thanks Chris, Nick and David!

Nile G.
Davis, CA
August, 2017

Chris, my 250DR upgraded amp sounds really great. Big difference. Thanks again for the great work!

Steven P.
Newberry, FL
August, 2017

I just got back my Olive 135s. Over a month without my “system” wasn’t easy. With my CDS2, NAT01, NAC52/SuperCap thru the Focal 1038be’s - life is great again! These are still great, potent amps. Never did sample a NAP500 though. Patty Griffin sounding so good right now hard to imagine a better sound. Thanks Chris and the team at AV Options!

David F.
Dix Hills, NY
June, 2017

Listening for about a month now to my 250DR that you upgraded from a 250.2. Fast 6 week turnaround. Very professional service in which I have total confidence. I prefer buying "pre-loved" and I think this is the fifth black box Chris has "refreshed" for me.

I'll add my voice to the chorus of gobsmacked customers singing the praises of the 250DR amp. It really is brilliantly better than the 250.2, particularly into my SF Guarneri Memento which really reveal improvements. A 282/200 was just okay. A 282/250.2 was better, but the bass was overly "ripe" on some material. A 282/250DR is a proper combo, delivering punch, clarity, refinement, and a you-are-there experience without harshness or bass bloat.

I'll say what everyone else on the Naim Forum says. If you have a 250.2 upgrade it to 250DR now! There is nobody better in the USA to do the work than Chris West at AV Options. Absolutely worth it.

Dave W.
Woodstock, GA
May, 2017

Just reporting in - the DR upgraded amplifier sounds amazing. The DR version of this amplifier makes the 250.2 sound broken. I also love the AV Options Twisted-56 Deep-Cryo speaker cable pair as it offers a bit more flex than the ultra stiff Naim cable and sounds really great. Thanks again!!

Michael P.
Flemington, NJ
February, 2017

I picked up my restored NAP180 amp today. All is well and it really is amazing how much better it sounds. The sound really opens up and I am hearing much deeper into the music I am playing. Far exceeded my expectations and the new TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo power cable is impressive. Thanks again to you and the team at AV Options.

Tommy T.
Levittown, NY
February, 2017

The AV Options recap-restoration of my Naim 82/250 preamp-amp combo (including the Ultimate Upgrades - Z Foil resistors and Deep-Cryo) produced superb results and brought my Olive series amps back to better than new. Replaying all my fave vinyl with that great Naim sound. Thanks to Chris, Nick and David for all the advice and top service.

Arama K.
Solana Beach, CA
January, 2017

On this end everything is now more than good - I hadn't expected such a striking improvement, not least not so quickly. The 250DR upgrade was very much worth doing. Thank you Chris and AV Options!

John W.
Chicago, IL
June, 2016

My newly upgraded 250DR has been playing music for two days now, and it sounds absolutely amazing. It seems to become more refined the more music I play. Thank you to Chris West at AV Options for skilled craftsmanship and excellent service. Thanks to Naim for making this remarkable new technology available to owners of older equipment. For me, this was well worth the wait, and the best sound quality per cost of any upgrade I have made.

I highly recommend the upgrade to owners of 250.2. If you are in the USA, I highly recommend Chris West and AV Options.

Charlie P.
Naim Audio Forums
June, 2016

AV Options meticulously serviced and upgraded my Naim Olive era components (NAC82 preamp, SuperCap power supply and NAP250 amp). I am extremely pleased with the sound quality improvements.

Many thanks to Chris, Nick and David for their fantastic service and products!

Eric S.
Amelia Island, FL
June, 2016

I’m writing to thank you for the excellent work you did on my Naim equipment. Everything arrived last Wednesday (June 1st) but I wasn’t able to install it until the weekend.

The record I always use to after a change to the system is an original MFSL of Supertramp’s ‘Crime of the Century’. The results of your work are amazing. More PraT, more emotion, more fun, lots more information coming through and better dynamic headroom. I can hear chords and harmonies that I never knew were on the recording.

Thank you!

Mark D.
McKinney, TX
June, 2016

Just wanted to let you know that the NAC82 preamp has been working just great since I received it back! I've noticed some improvements in the speed / attack department along with the upper frequencies really seem improved. The latter probably has something to do with the improvements in the speed department. Certainly an investment well worth the time and money, and I surely hope you don't retire anytime soon :-) !!

Aric C.
Andrews, TX
April, 2016

I received my recapped NAIT5i, Tibia AC cable with AVO Deep-Cryo and improved speaker cables on Friday. While I'm not sure how to distinguish your work from my new CD5i-2, I do know that all together, they sound wonderful! Thanks to you and Nick for your good work, fine service and wise guidance throughout what might have been otherwise a trying process.

Gerry B.
Eugene, OR
March, 2016

I recently received back my fully restored Olive system - NAC52/SCAP & NAP135 amps - (along with the newly purchased AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo power strips & AV Options TibiaPlus Deep-Cryo AC cables plus my NACA5 speaker cables re-terminated and Deep-Cryoed) and am very pleased to say the system now sounds superb, in fact sufficiently better than the original when new. The detail, depth, clarity and dynamic range of my well played music is very significantly better - and after one week of listening, continues to improve. Money very well spent!

It’s clear that you are experts and know Naim Audio products. That provided a level of confidence sufficient for me to make the financial investment. Congratulations to you & the AV Options team!

Lester T.
San Jose, CA
September, 2015

Chris West just serviced my 5 series Naim system. When the gear came back it looked brand new, and the improvement in sound quality was noticeable. His attention to detail was remarkable. Thanks AV Options!

Nile G.
Davis, CA
February, 2015

I have a pair of Naim Audio NAP135 amps that were rebuilt by Chris West AV Options last year . These are wonderful amplifiiers that, imo, can easily be slotted into a 552 system to great effect. Yes, the 500 is better, but at a substantial cost. Running with a 52, as they were designed, these babies never cease to impress. Well worth the cost and effort to have them properly serviced.

Varyat (Mark K.)
Naim Audio Forums
February, 2015

HEY CHRIS and AV Options!! Should I expect any improvement in the quietude and sonics as I let it play? Cause I don't think I could stand any more betterness... It just might make me lose my mind!!

It sounds great 60 minutes in..Definitely a lot less hiss as in none even ear against speaker. And the ease and clarity... Worth EVERY day I waited. Thanks a lot.

Allen D.
Portland, OR
October, 2014

Wow, all I can say is that the DR upgrades are simply stunning! So much much more detail and better control. If I didn't know otherwise I would think that the tracks I have played were different mixes from before. Absolutely incredible. Chris and AV Options, many thanks, an amazing job.

Nick F.
New York, New York
September, 2014

I'll have more to say about AV Options and Chris West in a few, but if you've seen some of the pictures he has posted of PSs being upgraded, I think you will develop an appreciation for both 1) amount of work that goes into performing the upgrade, as well as 2) the care and skill level that is required. It's also a pretty good feeling to receive a "Certificate of Test/Calibration" showing the service performed (e.g., the DR Upgrade) along with a notation saying your PS passed all bench tests!....My final comment is specific to US owners: everything you've read or heard about Chris West at AVOptions is true. He is a consummate professional who communicates clearly with his customers, and delivers extremely high quality work at, IMO, a very fair price. Like so many others, I am now a big fan of AVOptions. Knowing Chris is there makes me feel even better about being a Naim owner.

Naim Audio Forums
June, 2013

Another BIG thumbs up for Chris West and AV Options! Chris finished a full rebuild on a 500 for me about a month ago. His attention to detail and passion for Naim products is quite evident from the get go- this man will go to great lengths to provide the best service possible for our boxes. I am fortunate to live near AV Options and was invited by Chris to drop-off and pick up my gear at his home. At both visits he spent a lot of time with me explaining in detail his approach to the rebuild and showing me his testing equipment, etc. It was clear to me that not only is Chris a fine and friendly bloke but also that he takes every opportunity to educate the end user on the equipment at hand and Naim in general- he really gets into this stuff! Anyway, his work on my amp resulted in final measurements much better than factory spec - this is not by luck! Thanks again Chris for a job well done. The amp rocks BTW.

Naim Audio Forums
February, 2013

The funny thing is, I thought my Naim Audio CDSII/XPS sounded great before I brought it in for service, with the exception of my transport starting to skip on certain discs, or having some misread errors on some discs. But, I thought as long as I am bringing it in for the transport, I might as well have Chris West do virtually everything that can be done to bring it back to new spec. I was NOT prepared for just how much of an improvement this was going to bring! It is truly amazing!

In fact, I cannot think of anything that has had a better value for the dollar than what AV Options’ service has provided for me and my music system. Highly Recommended!!!

No Regrets
Naim Audio Forums
March, 2012

I'll state this: servicing my 14 year old 52/supercap by Chris West and AV Options was a bigger improvement than Hiline, 4 Powerlines, and Fraim COMBINED! I have no regrets about any of these upgrades (though I am still not that convinced about the Hiline). It is that fundamental a change to my music listening. In fact, when I think about it, I was quite stupid for not having done this BEFORE all these other upgrades. So live and learn.”

Naim Audio Forums
March, 2012

All I can say right now is.....WOW!!! I'm listening to an incredible Viola Sonata and I am almost in tears. It is sooo beautiful! The tone is so pure, it plays with such delicacy and finese, yet the dynamics can be so strong and bold. The timing of the music is engages your emotions and pulls you in.... as if I were sitting right there playing along with my cello as a duet....(when doing so you have to be so keenly aware of the timing of the music, the phrasing of the music, the interplay between the musicians)'s all there!!! This is with only 30 minutes on the clock. I can't even imagine how good it will sound after it has been run in for a few days.

No Regrets
Naim Audio Forums
February, 2012