AVOptions: The only 3rd Party authorized Naim Audio Service & Restoration Center in the USA

AV Options is the premium choice in the USA for servicing, restoring and maintaining Naim Audio amplification components and systems. Whether you’re the original owner or you’ve purchased Naim Audio equipment in the resale market, we can bring your components back to the highest possible performance level. Based on feedback we’ve received from hundreds of satisfied customers (click to view testimonials), we’re confident our services and products will enhance your investment in Naim Audio equipment and the music you love so much.

With 38 years of technical experience covering every product Naim has released, AVOptions’ mission is to provide high quality and musical value to Naim owners. We have invested over $50,000 in the same precision test equipment and tools Naim utilize at the factory in England. Our service elevates your Naim equipment to standards that meet or exceed factory specs and our own high expectations.

As the only 3rd party company authorized by the Naim Factory in England and by US Naim Audio distributor, Focal-Naim America, we have access to factory-supplied parts, many of which are made exclusively for Naim, or selected at the factory at a higher grade than already excellent off-the-shelf specs. This is crucial to high performance.

Our AVO Cable range launched in 2023 are a superb upgrade for any era of Naim kit or any other audio brands, along with our successful AC products. Put them together with an AV Options restored Naim system and your choice of sources and speakers to match - there are very few audio systems at any price that can compete.

In addition, we have invested significant time in locating parts for vintage equipment from numerous sources worldwide for replacement of items no longer stocked by Naim.

AVOptions is the only 3rd party company authorized by the Naim Factory in England and by US Naim Audio distributor, Focal-Naim America, to offer a full range of services to Naim owners in the USA.

NAP110 amp and NAC42.5 preamp
full rebuild and cosmetic restoration — pristine!

ReCap and Restoration

Many Naim owners have already discovered the benefits of keeping their systems in fine condition through AV Options' ReCap and Restoration services. It ensures ongoing high-performance and longevity together with opportunities to make upgrades to further improve the sound of the system. Re-investing in your Naim equipment is a wise long-term ownership plan which can bring a lifetime of musical enjoyment at a surprisingly low averaged annual cost. Periodic maintenance also bolsters trade-in values, should you wish to move higher into Naim’s product range.

Our goal is to restore the qualities inherent to Naim Audio components by providing the best possible specialized re-conditioning and restoration. With an exceptional depth of Naim knowledge and experience to draw from, unequaled by anyone in the world outside of the Naim factory, we’re able to focus on this in the finest detail.

Included with every item we service is a signed and dated certificate of calibration, including the tests passed and the work completed with a list of replaced components. You will find this of value if you eventually sell the item, or simply need to refer to the details for future service.

We strongly feel that Naim equipment, especially from the classic Chrome Bumper and Olive eras, are highly competitive musically with any brand of audio equipment currently available. Full restorations are a good move financially when compared on a dollar for dollar basis.

Once an amplifier or power supply has satisfied or bettered stringent benchmark parameters, the final key test is a critical listening session using a reference Naim system. Any discrepancies in sonic character and musicality will put it back on the bench for further fine-tuning. The finishing touch involves a thoroughly detailed cleaning using the right materials for the job, with minor cosmetic repairs attended to in the process. A careful pack-up ensures it will travel back safely, ready for its next tour of duty.

Along with all the above is an ethical approach to providing well-considered advice for any customer approaching us for an estimate on their Naim system. Above everything, we know and appreciate that all Naim Audio components—going back almost four decades now—deserve and truly benefit from the special attention we give them. We’re committed to doing the job right!

NAC 552 Preamp
reassembling 552 chassis

Accept no substitutes!

It may be possible to have a Naim component “fixed” or “modified" by an unauthorized audio service shop or individual, but it’s a whole different ballgame to make it sing!

Over the past seven years we've had customers come to us with the results of these shops and modifier work, needless to say in all cases the work was done with parts and techniques not suitable for Naim equipment. This greatly reduces the market value and musical performance. Fortunately in most cases we are able to undo this butchery and move forward with our restoration work.

See the detailed description of our NAP 135 rebuild and testing regimen as an example of what’s involved. It’s a labor-intensive process that usually requires numerous test bench and listening sessions to achieve the high standard of performance we know the equipment is capable of.

“Our in depth restoration services exceed the recap work performed by other authorized service centers.”

Chris West

AVOptions Co-Founder and Service Manager

Chris has 38 years of continuous Naim work experience. Beginning with four years supervising and developing the Naim Factory Test & Service Department with input and guidance from Naim's founder Julian Vereker, followed by over ten years as Technical & Service Manager for US distributor Naim Audio North America, Inc. (NANA). For thirteen years after that, Chris ran the NANA day-to-day operations, including oversight of the in-house warranty repairs and service department.

No other authorized service center in the World has a service manager who's worked at the Naim Factory with Naim’s founder and was the USA distributor for almost 25 years. Indeed we have a very strong ongoing relationship with the Naim Factory, Chris goes yearly for visits to review service matters and discuss issues with Factory staff.

AVO Ultimate NAIT2
Fully restored and all Ultimate Upgrades!

Scheduling Work and Enquiries

Please read the following before you get in touch with our Naim Authorized Service Manager Chris West with any enquiries concerning the restoration and servicing possibilities for your system.

Repairs and other services generally can be divided into three groups:

1. Warranty

The equipment is within the terms of the Naim US distributor warranty.

Next Step:

You will need to contact your dealer or Focal-Naim America for advice.

All warranty work is performed by Focal-Naim America and they will handle your service needs.

2. Repairs

The equipment is not yet in need of periodic maintenance, but circuit repairs and adjustments are necessary.

For example, your equipment has been damaged due to an electrical storm, a moving accident, or other mishap.

Next Steps:

a) Determine your equipment serial number and use our serial number guide to determine age of your equipment.

b) Contact Chris to obtain an RA form; be sure to include your model number and serial number when requesting service.

3. Rebuild, Restoration, Re-Caps

The equipment has aged beyond seven (7) years and needs reconditioning.

While certain functionality issues get resolved by doing a standard service from our list, extra parts and labor may be necessary to repair it completely depending on what our tests reveal. Our primary mission is to provide you with the best options for the highest performance of your Naim system.

Next Steps:

a) Determine your equipment serial number and use our serial number guide to determine age of your equipment.

b) Select what you need from our list of Rebuild/Restoration and Re-Cap services.

c) Contact Chris to obtain an RA form; be sure to include your model number and serial number when requesting service.


We do our best to schedule service so that we receive items as close to “bench-time” availability as possible, and therefore minimize the amount of time you may be without music.

Return Authorization

Once requested, a Return Authorization (RA) number is issued from Chris for your equipment in accordance with the availability of parts and bench-time. Further instructions (including how and where to ship your equipment) will accompany the RA.

Still have questions?

If you are unclear how to resolve your equipment issue(s), contact Chris and he will collaborate with you to determine which items need a Return Authorization. We will provide you with an estimate after assessing the equipment that you send us.

NAC 62 preamp, Olive era
upgraded with WBT Nextgen RCA jacks

Policies and Procedures

Please read our procedures and policies for all transactions.

AVOptions accepts:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
    (preferred for all deposits)

  • Checks/Cash

AVOptions ships exclusively with:

Tracking info will be emailed to you upon shipment.

AVOptions recommends:

1. Insurance
We add insurance for the full market value of your equipment when we return it to you. Please note we are not responsible for damage to your equipment in transit to us and recommend you insure when sending to us.

2. Factory cartons
Purchase the proper materials if you are missing factory-designed shipping cartons. We offer a full range of Naim UK factory-sourced boxes to match your Naim component. Proper shipping cartons protect your equipment and add significant value and desirability in the audiophile resale market.

3. Double boxing
We double box all shipments and strongly recommend you do the same when sending us equipment.

We also perform inspections and cleanings for equipment in-between the major services on our price list. Please contact Chris West for more details, and what you’ll need to do to send in equipment.

AVOptions Warranty

For one (1) year beyond the service invoice date: We’ll replace parts we have fitted for the billed repair or service that fail under normal use*. There will be no charge for labor to replace parts covered by this warranty. The cost of shipping us the item for a warranty repair is not covered, but we will pay for the cost of returning the item to you.

*Normal use: We reserve the right to void our guarantee if we find modifications, or if the equipment has been used outside the limitations specified by Naim.

International Customers

Our Naim rebuild-restoration services are only available to customers in the USA at this time.

AV Options AC products are available to customers in the USA & Canada.

AV Options new Cables,launched Summer 2023, are available to customers in the USA and Canada and launching to many other customers shortly.

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