About AV Options Deep-Cryo

AV Options, in partnership with Cryogenics International, offers Deep-Cryogenic treatment for select parts used in our Naim Audio equipment restorations and for our cable and AC products, In addition we offer Deep-Cryo treatment as an optional upgrade for 3rd party cables available at our Online Store.

Cryogenics International is the industry leader in North America for Deep-Cryogenic treatment of audio related parts and products. AV Options has worked with Charles Beresford at Cryogenics International to help us implement our AVO Deep-Cryo program, which we launched in the Fall of 2014. The response from our customers has been strongly positive. Art Dudley's column in the September 2015 issue of Stereophile gave our SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip a very nice review affirming its excellent price/performance in the marketplace.

AV Options TibiaPlus Deep-Cryo AC cable

The Cryogenics International Deep-Cryogenic Process

A very precise computer controlled system, implemented on different sized systems, executes a precise 2 to 3 day Deep-Cryo process defined by the summary points below:

• Very slowly and precisely lowers the temperature to nitrogen's boiling point of -320°F

• Achieves and maintains -320°F, imparting the greatest benefit to audio components and parts

• Purges air and moisture from the treatment chamber

• Precisely holds -320°F for time periods greater than 20 hours

• Very slowly and precisely raises the chamber and parts to ambient temperature

Cryogenics International System

This exclusive process results in the treated materials achieving the following benefits:

• Material uniformity and compactness

• Improved electrical and thermal conductivity

• Reduction of residual stresses

The Cryogenics International Deep-Cryo process promotes stress-relief, improves conductivity and lowers resistance in the electrode material. Copper, Silver, or other electrical conductors and connectors have a freer flow of electrons. Solder zones are stress-relieved, allowing current to flow less-encumbered from the conductor to the connectors. Dielectric materials are also improved in uniformity and performance, making them better insulators. Essentially, Deep-Cryo processing is all about removing the BTUs or heat energy out of the material being processed. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion and this energy keeps the molecular structure of materials in an irregular state. By removing much of this energy with Deep-Cryo treatment, molecules are allowed to align themselves in a more uniform pattern. This uniformity remains once the material is returned to working temperatures.

For more information go to: the Cryogenics International website


There are audio companies in the marketplace claiming to use Cryo treatment for their products and parts. In many cases they do not disclose who is performing the Cryo treatment and exactly what kind of treatment is being employed.

We strongly believe in full transparency regarding our Deep-Cryo treatment vendor and process. Buyer beware if you are not getting that information from other vendors.

Performance Benefits For Audio Systems

Our testing of the Cryogenics International Deep-Cryo process over a 6 month period resulted in 100% positive feedback. The decision was made to offer this significant upgrade to our customers.

The bottom line for us is the across the board significant noise reduction (a much lower noise floor) we hear in all Deep-Cryo treated parts and cables.

This allows more music to come thru any audio system. Every aspect of musical performance is enhanced. Dynamics, clarity, notes are more cleanly defined with a reduction in slop and haze. The result is all goodness with zero drawbacks. For Naim Audio based systems we have several hundred and growing customers that have benefited from our AV Options AC and other products with Deep-Cryo. These benefits also extend to music lovers with audio systems at all price points and from a wide range of manufacturers.

AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip & AV Options TibiaPlus Deep-Cryo AC cables