Why Choose AV Options?

AV Options is the premium choice in the USA for rebuilding, restoring and maintaining Naim Audio amplification components and systems. Whether you’re the original owner or you’ve purchased Naim Audio equipment in the resale market, we can bring your components back to the highest possible performance level.

Naim recommends amps and power supplies be restored every 7-10 years, preamps every 10-12 years.

Other 3rd-Party Guys
38 Years of Naim Audio experience: Chris West, AVO Co-Founder & Service Manager
(UK Factory 4 years/USA Importer 26 years/AV Options 8 years)
Only Factory Authorized 3rd Party Rebuild-Restoration Center in the USA
(including DR upgrades)
All Rebuilds-Restorations done with Naim factory-supplied parts
Extensive bench testing and listening sessions in a Reference Naim system as part of the Rebuild-Restoration process
All Naim Rebuilds-Restorations include a signed Certificate of Test & Calibration with detailed list of work performed
Exclusive Ultimate Upgrades available for Naim preamps, power amps and power supplies
All recommended AC Products are Deep-Cryo treated, designed and tested to work with Naim kit
Learn more about AVO Deep-Cryo
AV Options Twisted-56 Deep-Cryo speaker cables designed and tested to work with Naim kit as a lower cost, more flexible alternative to Naim NACA5 speaker cables
Modern website providing a deep and wide treasure trove of information about Naim Audio, AV Options rebuilds-restorations and products
Over $100,000 invested in test equipment, tools and parts inventory including an Audio Precision ATS-1 Audio Test System
Many hundreds of satisfied AV Options customers
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AV Options Industry Accolades

AV Options Super Wiremold Deep-Cryo PowerStrip and AV Options Ultimate NAIT 2:

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