AV Options announces new AVO Interconnect cable lineup

Portland, OR - December 15, 2023 – We are happy to announce the launch of our AVO Interconnect cable lineup. The entire product line was developed with the benefit of many years of experience working with Naim Audio systems, and exhaustive testing with Naim Audio reference systems. AVO interconnect cables offer a significant performance improvement for all eras of Naim kit, and are also an excellent value/performance option for all other audio brands.

Our SIGNAL range interconnect cables are designed for use with Naim Audio equipment, and are a significant upgrade to any Naim Audio system. They include RCA, DIN4, DIN5 and XLR termination options in a variety of lengths. The RCA-RCA and XLR-XLR versions also work well with all other audio brands.

Our SIGNAL Naim New Classic series is designed specifically for Naim Audio's recently introduced New Classic series of components.

Our POWER4 and POWER5 interconnect cables are equivalent to Naim Audio SNAIC4 and SNAIC5 cables.

The SIGNAL, SIGNAL Naim New Classic series, and POWER4 / POWER5 all start at $1,699.00 US retail.

Also in the new lineup, our DIGITAL75 digital interconnect cables with RCA or BNC termination options start at $599.00 US retail.

Each AVO audio interconnect cable is:

• Created by hand in-house using a four-stage process.

• Made from the world's best Teflon-insulated UP-OCC (Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Cast) copper wire cores, and wrapped with high-conductivity copper shielding using a proprietary technique.

• Treated with our AVO Deep-Cryo cryogenic process.

• Tested in a Naim Audio Reference System.

The AVO interconnect cable product line is now available for purchase on our updated website at: https://avoptions.com/store/interconnects

They join our award-winning AVO AC products: SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip, Tibia12 and TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cables, and Hubbell Deep-Cryo AC outlets, also available for purchase from our website.

AV Options LLC was founded in April of 2011 to offer a comprehensive suite of rebuild and restoration options for Naim Audio customers in the USA. Since then we’ve restored over 1000 Naim components and established a reputation as one of the most comprehensive companies offering audio component restorations. In addition, we’ve developed our own line of affordable high performance AC products and TW-56 speaker cables, now joined by our interconnect cable line up.

For more information visit us at https://www.avoptions.com/interconnects

December 2023

AV Options Ultimate NAIT 2 reviewed in Stereophile May 2016

Art Dudley of Stereophile reviewed our AV Options Ultimate NAIT 2 in his Listening column #161 in the May 2016 issue.

He REALLY liked it!

“Something else I remember from my years as a Naim owner: The amp's profoundly excellent sense of momentum and timing was maintained even during slow tempos. All too often, a system fails to hold one's attention during broadly paced music, like a too-slow bicycle that just tips over on its side. Yet in the second movement, Andante, of the Schubert, the Nait 2–powered system didn't lose one iota of its momentum. And when the pace picked back up for the third movement, Scherzo, it was easy to feel the players throwing themselves into the music: My brain felt as if it were hot-wired to the musicians’ intentions.”

Put another way: Through some systems—dare I say most systems?—this piece of music doesn't always hold my attention. Often, when heard from a record, the "Trout" is just a bit too "Happy Little Elves" for my tastes. With the Nait in my system, I left my seat only once, to flip over the record—and after side 2 was done, I wanted to listen to the whole thing straight through again.

That's what kind of amplifier this is.

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AV Options Ultimate NAIT 2 Info and Pricing

May 2016

AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip reviewed in Stereophile September 2015

Art Dudley of Stereophile reviewed our SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip in his Listening column #153 in the September 2015 issue.

He liked it!

“In the days since installing the AVO strip, I've heard it make the same refinements in other recordings: the changes are always subtle, but always unambiguously for the better, in terms of both musical qualities and sheer sound. Not bad for a $399 tweak that takes less than five minutes to install.”

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September 2015