AV Options expands its product portfolio

After 8 years focused on restoring Naim kit and providing reasonably priced AC power products and excellent price/performance speaker cables (Twisted-56) AV Options is expanding our portfolio to offer new products that will appeal to our Naim customer base and many other audiophiles focused on enjoying music.

In addition to Naim Audio we are now authorized Dealers for Roon Labs, Chord Electronics, Chord Co cables, English Electric, Rega, ProAc, Quadraspire, Fyne Audio and Sound Anchors. Our focus is on providing sensible audio system solutions and high value upgrades for existing systems.

After months of testing our go to solution for streaming and local digital music libraries is:

Roon Labs Nucleus ($1398) or Nucleus+ ($2498) running Roon ($699 Lifetime software subscription or $119 yearly software subscription), now with Tidal and Qobuz integration + Chord Qutest DAC ($1695)

Going with the Roon Nucleus and the Chord Qutest our solution is priced at either $3412 or $3792 (depending on which Roon software subscription you choose) + shipping and performs at a very high level!

Add Chord Cables for USB to connect the Nucleus to the Qutest and RCA-RCA or RCA-DIN5 from the Qutest to your preamp (priced from the low hundreds and up). We can also provide consulting and set up advice (at additional cost) to add a QNAP NAS drive solution on your local network for to let you store your local digital music library.

We love the Roon interface (especially the Tidal and Qobuz integration) and the musical performance coupled with the Chord Qutest and Chord cables is astounding at the price! Plus it’s modular and small devices, no big hulking chassis or fan noise.

Superb with AV Options restored Naim kit (Chrome Bumper and Olive) and DR upgraded current range Naim. Also insanely good with Rega integrated amp based systems and other brands we’ve tested with to date (Spectral, PrimaLuna, Linn).

We’ll be adding these products to our Store in the coming months.

October 2020 (updated)

In the meantime for more info and to place an order please email us:

Contact AV Options

Roon User Interface

Roon Nucleus Music Server

Chord Qutest DAC

Chord Shawline USB and Signature RCA

To answer the most asked questions:

• Yes, the Qutest is a superb upgrade for any Naim CD player or Streamer with Digital Out (BNC).

• Our Roon/Chord/Chord solution offers better performance for same or less cost than the Naim ND5 XS2 or NDX2.

• Yes, Roon Nucleus sounds much better than running Roon on any Mac or PC

Recommended Streaming and Digital Solutions

For Naim Streamers and CD players with BNC Digital Out

Chord Qutest ($1,895)

BNC to BNC cable (Clearway BNC-BNC 1M - $130)

You can turbo charge the BNC-BNC cable by going up the Chord range!

Our entry level Roon/Chord/Chord Streaming Solution

Roon Nucleus ($1,398)

Chord Qutest ($1,895)

Chord USB cable (Shawline 1M - $240)

You can turbo charge the entry level system by upgrading the Nucleus to the Nucleus+ model, upgrading the DAC to Hugo TT 2 and go up the Chord range for USB and RCA-RCA or RCA-DIN cables.

Our best Roon/Chord/Chord Streaming Solution

Roon Nucleus ($2,498)

Chord Hugo TT2 ($5,795)

Chord Hugo M-Scaler ($4,995)

Chord USB cable (Sarum T 1M - $2,220)

World class performance!

You can opt to add an internal SSD drive in any Roon Nucleus we sell. We also highly recommend Sarum T for the run from the TT 2 into your preamp or amp.

The Hugo TT 2 has digital volume control, remote and RCA and XLR outputs.

April 2019

AudiophileUSA loves our TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cable

John Turton of AudiophileUSA just posted a very nice (5/5) review of our TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cable on Facebook:

Indispensable tweak, or indispensable equipment upgrade? Either way I look at it, the TibiaPlus12 AC cables must be viewed as one of the great bargains in Hi-Fi.”

Facebook: AudiophileUSA

AudiophileUSA Website

September 2018

AV Options LLC announces the launch of our Online Store and updated website

We’re happy to announce the launch of our Online Store.

All our AC related products are now available for purchase online by USA and Canadian customers. Our other sections (Phono products - Speaker and Interconnect cables and Naim Audio accessories) will be launching in the coming months.

To provide support for the new Online Store we’ve also made a significant amount of software updates to our website and added our Customer Testimonials.

The sales growth of our own AV Options AC products and 3rd party AC products has been significant over the past year, extending far beyond our existing Naim Audio customer base. The SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip, Tibia and TibiaPlus Deep-Cryo AC cables and Hubbell Deep-Cryo duplex wall outlets have been very well received by a diverse group of audiophiles and music lovers. With our new Online Store we now make it easier than ever to safely and securely purchase our products.

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July 2016

AV Options Ultimate NAIT 2 reviewed in Stereophile May 2016

Art Dudley of Stereophile reviewed our AV Options Ultimate NAIT 2 in his Listening column #161 in the May 2016 issue.

He REALLY liked it!

“Something else I remember from my years as a Naim owner: The amp's profoundly excellent sense of momentum and timing was maintained even during slow tempos. All too often, a system fails to hold one's attention during broadly paced music, like a too-slow bicycle that just tips over on its side. Yet in the second movement, Andante, of the Schubert, the Nait 2–powered system didn't lose one iota of its momentum. And when the pace picked back up for the third movement, Scherzo, it was easy to feel the players throwing themselves into the music: My brain felt as if it were hot-wired to the musicians’ intentions.”

Put another way: Through some systems—dare I say most systems?—this piece of music doesn't always hold my attention. Often, when heard from a record, the "Trout" is just a bit too "Happy Little Elves" for my tastes. With the Nait in my system, I left my seat only once, to flip over the record—and after side 2 was done, I wanted to listen to the whole thing straight through again.

That's what kind of amplifier this is.

Read full review here

AV Options Ultimate NAIT 2 Info and Pricing

May 2016

AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip reviewed in Stereophile September 2015

Art Dudley of Stereophile reviewed our SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip in his Listening column #153 in the September 2015 issue.

He liked it!

“In the days since installing the AVO strip, I've heard it make the same refinements in other recordings: the changes are always subtle, but always unambiguously for the better, in terms of both musical qualities and sheer sound. Not bad for a $399 tweak that takes less than five minutes to install.”

Read more here - starting at bottom of Page 1

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September 2015

Welcome to our updated website

Welcome to our new website. We’ve focused on preserving the clean look of the old website but updated with a fully modern software foundation.

We’ve implemented responsive design so that the website works far better on tablets/smartphones (iOS & Android), upgraded our images where possible to Retina grade and have added more information about Naim Audio and AV Options.

We'll be regularly adding to this archive moving forward with the goal of having the most extensive cache of documents on vintage Naim kit available in the world.

In addition in the next few months we’ll be launching our bespoke Online Store to allow our customers to securely and easily purchase our AV Options products, many Naim Audio cables & accessories and a curated list of 3rd party audio products. Until the store goes live if you’d like to order any of our AV Options AC products or Naim Audio cables or accessories please contact us here.

To keep updated about the forthcoming Store and other news make sure to sign up for our Mailing List.


The AV Options LLC Team

June 2015